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Friday, August 24, 2007

Dead Beat A.K.A. Casey Jones

Dead Beat has been riding the rails - all the way over to New Brunswick where he has taken up residence. So he has been on mute for a while, but he's back in a manner of speaking. Seeing as how he grew up on a healthy dose of Casey Jones, he's been having a good time however.
Now that his internet is up and running I guess he can start riding the cyber rails for a while instead.


billie said...

glad to hear you made it to your new home on the coast. by the way in your travels did you see mary?

Anonymous said...

So, Dead Beat is alive. Welcome back. I thought you were forever lost in The Lake Of The Woods.

Dead Beat said...

Dead Beat is glad to know that someone cares.

Billie should know that D.B. was a mere fingertip away from Mary when she disappeared like a morning mist - but he will continue his travels until she rests easily within his arms.

And yes, Anonymous, Dead Beat may still be alive, but trust this,he remains lost forever in The Lake Of The Woods - once you go in,there is no way out.