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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Impetuous Curves - George Mallory

Dead Beat has a good friend Wayne who likes to climb mountains. He has also been scaling the heights of a novel for many years. Dead beat awaits that particular summit.

Anyway it got him thinking - what with climbers replicating 1920's gear to see if George Mallory might have been the first climber to scale Mount Everest.

Mallory at the age of 14 won a mathematics scholarship to Winchester College, England where iIn his senior year there, he was introduced to rock climbing by a master, R. L. G. Irving, who took a small number of pupils climbing in Wales each year.

Mathematics!! Dead Beat is now enthralled. So mountaineering and mathematics. Writing cannot surely be far behind.

Geoffrey Winthrop Young one of the most accomplished alpine climbers of his day describes his ability: "His movement in climbing was entirely his own. It contradicted all theory. He would set his foot high against any angle of smooth surface, fold his shoulder to his knee, and flow upward and upright again on an impetuous curve. Whatever may have happened unseen the while between him and the cliff... the look, and indeed the result, were always the same – a continuous undulating movement so rapid and so powerful that one felt the rock must yield, or disintegrate."

Yes. Writing.

Yield or disintegrate. Flow against the impetuous curves

1 comment:

Kelly Joyce Neff said...

Graham Irving took pupils to the Alps, beginning with George, Guy Bullock and Eddie Marsh, because his climbing partner had died.

Have you read George's book 'Boswell the Biographer'? (1912) It's wonderful, as is his MS 'Geoffrey'- various climbing articles and the Expedition books go without saying.