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Thursday, April 26, 2007

This Is What We Think Is In This Movie - Jack Valenti

It's the "Dead" in Dead Beat but old D.B. is taken with the passing of life. you know too he is taken with Cinema, so when Jack Valenti dies he sits up and takes notice.

"In a sometimes unreasonable business, Jack Valenti was a giant voice of reason. He was the greatest ambassador Hollywood has ever known, and I will value his wisdom and friendship for all time." — Steven Spielberg.

Jack Valenti, was a former White House aide and film industry lobbyist who instituted the modern movie ratings system and guided Hollywood from the censorship era to the digital age.

Valenti was a special assistant to and confidant of former U.S. president Lyndon Johnson before being lured to Hollywood in 1966 by movie moguls Lew Wasserman and Arthur Krim.

When he took over as president of the Motion Picture Association of America, Valenti was caught between Hollywood's outdated system of self-censorship and the liberal cultural explosion taking place in America. He abolished the industry's restrictive Hays code, which prohibited explicit violence and frank treatment of sex, and in 1968, oversaw the creation of today's letter-based ratings system.

"While I believe that every director, studio has the right to make the movies they want to make, everybody else has a right not to watch it," Valenti told the Associated Press shortly before his retirement in 2004. "All we do is give advance cautionary warnings and say this is what we think is in this movie."


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