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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sawing the Mutt in Half

So Hudson ambles up to Dead Beat. "I want to show you a trick."

"The Vanishing Dog Routine or Sawing the Mutt in Half, I hope."

"Woof, Dad, woof. No here, take a card, any card."

Dead Beat takes a card.

"Don't show me." Hudson turns away. "Put it back in the pack, anywhere."

Dead Beat obliges.

"Shuffle the pack."

Dead Beat does his famous one-handed shuffle.

"Now cut it once for every year of your age."

So Dead Beat cuts it 21 times.

"Look at the top card."

"How did you do that, Hudson!! How did you do it!!"

"See you on the Jay Leno show big dog."

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