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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Democracy of Writing - Kofi Annan

Dead Beat listened to Kofi Annan in his farewell speech as secretary-general of the United Nations, given at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library.

"Talk to me about democracy," Dead Beat heckled.

"Dead Beat" Kofi replied, "The U.S. has given the world an example of a democracy in which everyone, including the most powerful, is subject to legal restraint. Its current moment of world supremacy gives it a priceless opportunity to entrench the same principles at the global level. As Harry Truman said, 'We all have to recognize, no matter how great our strength, that we must deny ourselves the license to do always as we please.' States need to play by the rules toward each other as well as toward their own citizens.
When power, especially military force, is used, the world will consider it legitimate only when convinced that it is being used for the right purpose, for broadly shared aims, in accordance with broadly accepted norms.
No community anywhere suffers from too much rule of law; many do suffer from too little and the international community is among them. This we must change."

Dead Beat expresses his gratitude to the levelheadedness of Kofi Annan during his tenure.

Writers, listen to the above.

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