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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dead Beat Gives Yeats A Piece of His MInd

Dead Beat has a great interest in the mind - he has studied Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for many years and is qualified in both. So it should come as no great surprise that Old W.B. (see previous posts) would wish to communicate with him over this. W.B. himself being a great man for the 'mystical' things.

"Is that you Dead Beat? Is that you?" (Deep echoing voice resounding in my library)

"Is that you W.B.?"

"It is D.B. (Echo) It is."

"I thought you were fed up with me."

"I was, but you appeared nevertheless. Dead Beat I am here to tell you about 'automatic writing'."

"I know, I know. You and your wife, Georgie Hyde Lees. Dropped the 'i' to become George (something to do with numerology). You were the questioner and she the medium. Her hand was 'seized by a superiour power' and automatic writing the result."

"Yes, yes, D.B."

"Geez W.B. give me a break."

"D.B. It is the truth...(echo) truth...truth...On the afternoon of October 24th 1917, four days after my marriage, my wife surprised me by attempting automatic writing. What came in disjointed sentences, in almost illegible writing, was so exciting, sometimes so profound, that I persuaded her to give an hour or two day after day to the unknown writer, and after some half-dozen such hours offered to spend what remained of life explaining and piecing together those scattered sentences. ‘No,’ was the answer, ‘we have come to give you metaphors for poetry.’"

"Now remind me Willie Boy, you bought this?"

"I wrote about it all in A Vision."

"Strange book, W.B."

"My best, D.B."

"Give me The Tower, The Winding Stair."

"They could not have happened without automatic writing."

"Metaphors for your poetry...(bass echo) metaphors for your poetry..."

"A superior power, Dead Beat."

"Georgie and wishful thinking. Willie, I love you, you would have made a great student of NLP. Hate to break it to you though. There is no 'superior power', no 'muse' just logical processes within the mind we do not understand so well, but D.B. is doing his best to learn. You'd have liked me Willie. You really would."

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