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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Perils of Joyceless Fiction

The thing is…

I am heading to the Winnipeg Folk Festival tomorrow and I am still thinking about readings (see Threatening to Kick the Audiences’ Ass). It occurred to me that no one writes about the perils of fiction readings. It’s true. Well it’s only fiction… not real art like poetry I suppose. i.e. it may have a bigger readership. It certainly has a lot more pages and way more words. So the perils of readings have something to do with word count. I kid you not. This is my conclusion.

Well, not so much word count but conciseness of words. Yes? But even then that falls flat. Think Dr. Williams and Paterson. No shortage of word count. No shortage of prose. Damn poor plot thought.

That’s it. Fiction has too much plot.

Now I have it. If we could only take the plot out of fiction, we would have more perils in reading it aloud in public.

Wait a second. Didn’t Joyce already do that in Finnegan’s Wake? - take the plot out of fiction that is.

Maybe I should read it aloud at the festival.

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