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Thursday, July 13, 2006

On the Road - Again

Let’s hit the road again ( see Road Trip) . This time think plot and sub-plot. The main highway can be the plot. The novel , the story is driven by it. The back roads are the sub-plots. Veer off onto them. They will add to the journey, make the experience richer, but if you go too far off course, you are going to lose your way. The reader will get lost too.

So we venture off, but we return to the main route. This route is the journey which will take us from the beginning to the end. We drive a ways, we turn off and explore, we come back and drive a ways again. It is a good trip. We learn a lot. We get where we want to go.

Read Kerouac again - don't believe the myth - written on the back of a newspaper! The man knows the road. That's why we trust him.

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